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"Contact Us" about hosting a "Duffle Drive" for my BELONGings in your town. Want to make a difference? Have a passion for helping children? Don't want to recreate the wheel? You can host a drive in your town! You can use our duffles free, our tags and other resources to lovingly fill my BELONGings duffle bags in your town.  We will even help you set up a Department of Children and Families or Foster Agency contact for you to deliver the duffles to.


You can start a full long term operation of my BELONGings in your town or just host a my BELONGings event for a church, scout troup, middle school project or any reason at all! Anything we can do to help turn your desire to help children in crisis into action, we will do!


Use the "Contact Us" page or email us at for more information about this fun and rewarding opportunity!  

Thanks to Tyler and Sarah McGuire of New Fire Fitness for hosting my BELONGings Duffle Drives in Sacramento!

Thanks to Kathi McGuire for hosting, co-hosting and supporting many Duffel Drives from California to Michigan! 

      Thanks to Lisa Sellari for hosting MANY my BELONGings Duffle Drives in Orlando Florida!

                                            Thank You Patty O'Connor for hosting MANY Duffle Drives in Colorado!                                        Thanks to Debi and Maritza for hosting a Duffle Drive in South West Orlando

Thanks to Necia O'Neill for hosting a Duffle Drive in Massachusetts

Thanks to Stacey Snodgrass for hosting a Duffle Drive in Washington

Thank You Christy Taylor for hosting a Duffle Drive in North Carolina

Thank You Jenn Schampier for co-hosting all Duffle Drives in Chicago

Thank You Poole Family for hosting MANY Duffle Drives in Mississippi!

Thank You Kathy Fowler-Tolbert for hosting a Duffle Drive via your Party with a Purpose Birthday Bash

Thank you Sheaira Davis for hosting a Duffle Drive in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Thank You Debi Roldan and her Keller Williams Red Day team for creating and donating 100 Duffles!

Thank you Certified Mortgage Planners for hosting multiple 100 duffel Duffel Drives for Seminole County Florida!

Thanks Beth Denniston for hosting a Duffel Drive in Allen Texas

Special thanks to Lisa for her 100 Duffel Drive for children in crisis in Houston

Thank You Express Employment Professionals of West Jacksonville FL for hosting a Duffel Drive 

Thank YOU to Crystal and her Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania for their 504 duffel Duffel Drive!

Thank You Cummins Engine of Rocky Mount NC. for your continued support with hundreds of duffels!

Thank You Amy Velez and her Express Team in Gonzales LA for your heart filled on going Duffel Drive!

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