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As foster parents, our children arrived with nothing. We would have fun making late night runs loading the kids up with what they might need immediately.  However, we quickly learned this was not how things usually happened. 


As our children's case managers would make their monthly visits, we would load the managers up with clothes for them to take to other foster kids. This became a treasured resource.


In talking with a close friend (who is a strong, brilliant woman, with a hugely successful career) about the idea of my BELONGings, she began to cry. She could barely get out the words to say how important she felt this cause was. She shared that when she was in foster care, there was a stuffed monkey that meant everything to her. The comfort that monkey provided to her as a terrified child was truly immeasurable and to this day the thought of him stirs great emotion. Hearing this, it became clear there was important work to do concerning providing comfort to children in crisis. 



Click on "Your Town" to see how you how you can give my BELONGings in your area. 

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